X-Men anime: First impressions

5 12 2012

by AngryPanda

Glad I delayed the top five countdown because this series will most likely ditch it out with the current top two. The animation is flat-out breathtaking. The character designs shouldn’t be unfamiliar to anyone who read X-Men over the past few years as they pretty much look like they did under some of the artists (like that person that made Dark Angel). The story itself is at the same time clearly for the anime and so classic it barely registers. The X-Men go to Japan. Again. They do that almost as often as going to the Shi’ar Empire so nothing new here.

I haven’t seen enough to judge the characters themselves. Action seems great so far and the story if it doesn’t suddenly take a bad turn seems the closest ones to the comic books I’ve ever seen on a screen. Since anime does not have to be as kid friendly as american cartoons the stories of mutant hating scientists, murdering mutant kids to harvest their powers are just as dark and screwed up as we’re used to. This ain’t a dumbed down version for saturday mornings so far. The only real downside at the moment is the voice acting. While I usually do not mind subtitles it is just so weird to see familiar characters like the X-Men speak Japanese.



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