The power to explain

6 04 2013

by AngryPanda

Retitled by the editors but then I really don’t know anything about reader numbers and how to lure the mighty beast known as google. Anyway this is my new commentary on MadMikesAmarica which as usual tries to be a bit more constructive than the bile I tend to spit here.

Really now…Do kids really need to tweet that they just got on the bus?

“No dad. They don’t need to. Usually they won’t even do so. Most of them will write about a lot of things, their new hobby, what they think of the show they just saw, how they feel right now.”

“Why would anyone care to know that? “

“They don’t. Only the people who follow them do. And they follow them because they like to read these things. So only the people who care read it. You and me may not care about  someone’s new model plane but the people from his club might and they may find it really interesting how he made that specific rotor he fiddled with for months work.”

“Oh I guess that makes sense. Guess that Twitter thing isn’t that stupid. But people post a lot of stupid stuff there don’t they?”

“Sure they do. Most people say a lot of stupid stuff too. That’s the people, not the technology.”

“True enough.”

And thus ended my Dad’s long held belief that social media is complete insanity brought on by a generation that will never do anything noteworthy in their whole life.

All the rest of it on after this link. Does this mean I’m writing blog entries again? I honestly can’t say I mostly wrote this so I can point to my potential employer if they ask if my English is alright.




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