Ten thoughts: Iron Man 3

8 05 2013

by AngryPanda

Well it has certainly been a while since I had one of these. Not a current one as usual but I missed my chance to at least give this at day two last week. In any case I never cared if anything is current or not so here we go:


1. I’m blue.. god I hated that song. It wasn’t even that terrible just so overplayed. What is it 1999? Oh it is? Well then good start to let me feel like that. Well played movie.

2. Yay Iron Man’s bulb thingie is round again. All fans will be happy. The armor looks less awesome than in any of the other movies though. Okay so that doesn’t matter because there’s fucking 42 of them! Take your pick.

3. The villains are extremely well done. Extremis modified humans are all in the league of the main hero and there is a lot of them. These guys are fucking nuts, at least 30 or so and each could beat the crap out of the villains of any

of the previous films. And I do love that the Iron Patriot does of course turn out to be bad. ’cause as Stark says himself that name is terrible.

4. I don’t like the trend of having Iron Man be out of armor or half armored so often but considering that the villains in this movie are the first who have no power armor of their own I guess that is done so it doesn’t look like they’re the underdogs.

5. After all the hype they made about the Mandarin and him being a generic terrorist it was absolutely fantastic so see them turn that whole story on its head. Even the real villain of the movie said directly that figures like Bin Laden only exist to control how much weapons you can sell and frighten the populace and that it’s all bullshit. The whole eastern terrorist scarecrow deconstruction was done wonderfully.  Fantastic. I’d love this movie for that alone but thankfully it can stand on more than one merit.

6. Tony Stark having to get by without his armor is a tool I’ve seen far too often with all superheroes. Still they did give a huge payoff for all of that in the end. And the character development made a great ending for a triologie. Although they are making Avengers 2 so it seems a bit moot since we all know that the armor is coming back.

7. The moment you fear you get stuck with an annoying kid and Tony has to learn to be a farther figure? Pure gold. In your face kid!

8. I wondered if they could live up to the bar raised by the Avengers and honestly despite the big end fight they couldn’t. But they came damn close and if they had shown a bit more of the scenes that happened all over the in background they might have done it.

9. Did they dare?! Yes they fucking did! They broke one of the main rules that make movies shitty. The girl actually gets superpowers and gets to kill the main villain. Yes, the real final stroke not just one attack to save her boyfriend before he finishes it. Awesome. They really must be confident to apply comic book logic instead of usual hollywood rules by now. This bodes well for the future Marvel movies.

10. Not my favorite movie of the current Marvel franchise that’s still Thor with Avengers close behind but still the bar has been raised so high at this point that even a good movie has to struggle to beat what was already done. It’s the best of the Iron Man movies in my book so it is pretty great.

Oh yeah 3D still doesn’t give me anything in any movie that’s not Avatar or Tron Legacy so screw that.




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