Those ignorant atheists

9 05 2013

by AngryPanda

I have to learn to be more careful with my entries for Madmikesamerica. Unlike on this site people actualy read them so I need to be more clear. So here’s a disclaimed first. My last article was in answer to one called “Those ignorant atheists” and my view on the idea that as an atheist you need to learn every religion in detail to be entitled to not believe in it. Basicaly every atheist would need to dedicate his life to the study of all religions and even then they would still be told that they just haven’t learned about the right one yet. That path leads to madness.

“I want to talk to you about God.”

“Well I want to talk about Batman.”

“Are you kidding me? “

“Hey, you started it.”

I recently asked myself an interesting question: as an atheist do I even know enough about the other person’s religion to casually dismiss it? Since I abhor ignorance I had to consider this for a moment, and realized it may well be true. I’m not, however, buying it as far as Christianity is concerned, I grew up in Western Europe and had to spend two hours a week for thirteen years in religious class at fucking school (yes we have that see how screwed we are) and unlike most believers in Christianity that I’ve met, I have actually read large parts of the bible.

Checked my draft and the change came from my editor. So to clear it up : I did not ask myself. I was asked. By someone linking the article mentioned above. And my whole point kind of gets lost by this tiny little editing change. I need to learn to be clear about details like that so they can’t be misunderstood so easily.



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