Marvel’s Agents of Shield 3 minute trailer

15 05 2013

by Angry Panda

This thing is looking better and better the more they release of it. Sadly for once I am not late with my writing in fact I had a post about Agents of Shield ready the day after the first teaser hit last sunday. Sadly my editors at Madmike’s think holding it back is better for viewer numbers. I’m not sure I can blame them but anyone even remotely a nerd knows the novelty life of something like this wears of within hours. In this case its not only that every half-assed site on the internet has already posted their own article, most of them by monday, no Marvel themselves’ have already released a longer 3 minute trailer that shows of a lot more. At this point no one is going to care about last sunday’s teaser anymore. But I guess I can at least write about that so here we go.

From this one we really get a lot more about the theme of this show and I love that while it clearly plays the secret agent angle it doesn’t try to be some mystery X-Files garbage that just wouldn’t fly after everyone saw the Avengers blow up New York. You also see another thing and that is a much stronger Joss Whedon influence than we had in Avengers namely that he’s allowed to go from a boy’s club to what he does best: strong female characters. This seems to be a cast of six people which is a good choice because Whedon’s earlier cult shows never really took off for me until they had a large cast of people to interact with. And in this case a full half of them is female which is less spectacular in a TV show than in a movie but still pretty neat. Maybe we have a chance for at least one female superhero after this. And no the agent in the black catsuit does not count. She’s a Shield agent with a codename, I mean one with actual powers.

As an afterthought since it is not enough for a full post: You can see Whedon doing what he likes best in Avengers too. Notice how in a movie that barely has time to get all of its main characters enough spotlight he still manages to give Maria Hill a major action scene at the beginning? I find this remarkable since they don’t do anything else with the character except being Fury’s hot second in command. You usually do not put this much effort into a character unless you want to build her up for more. While that didn’t happen I find it nice to see that he probably at least wanted to.

For the record, hers' would be a movie I'd watch even with no superpowers.

For the record, hers’ would be a movie I’d watch even with no superpowers. In fact if I had a choice of which character in Avengers I want a movie of she’d come before Iron Man and even Thor.




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