Future plans

21 05 2013

by AngryPanda

Its mighty ambitious to already have plans after I just started writing again. In the time I didn’t this blog has lost what little reader base it had but that’s life. What I do want to go is change to self hosting since I can’t use the tools I’ll need while working directly with wordpress. I plan to keep this generic section for everything but create a second and third page, one for tabletops and tactics and the last for my terrible short stories.

So basically


While it’s probably a waste to put up a whole site for outdated games it’s what I’m good at and I may actually have something worthwhile to say for it once in a while. Sadly I can’t exactly afford to go to self-hosting right now. I may have a chance next week. And even then I still have to work out how to run 3 pages that can have updates. I’m pretty sure wordpress can do it, the mighty google has said so. Now I just need to find out which is the best host and how to make that all work. And pay for it of course. Fuck.

As an afterthought I’m not even up to date on most tabletops so it will probably obscure thoughts on some but mainks a focus on Warhammer 40k one of the most terrible games in existance. You’ll see why.



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