Oh look, old “Shield” news

11 06 2013

by AngryPanda

I almost thought they hadn’t released my first article about the Shield series on Mad Mike’s and posted my own follow up right here on this site. Looks like I missed it though as I could find the thing now. So if you’re into yesterday’s news just click on the text below to get your dose!

Hey look it’s that dead guy from Avengers! The one with the Captain America trading cards who had to die to show how evil the villain is and to bring the team together. Looks like the Avengers get to have something to avenge after all.

the avengers agent coulson Agents of Shield

Poor Agent Coulson.  He had to die because people liked him, otherwise it wouldn’t have mattered. You’d think that’s tough luck but he  is one of the first characters to appear in what is now Marvel’s united superhero movieverse, a complete genre transferred to the big screen instead of just single little snippets in loosely connected movies in the past. And as any reader of comic books should know death is at most a minor inconvenience in such a world. Agent Coulson returns to us in the first teaser for Marvel’s “Agents of Shield”.




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