“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” is coming

11 06 2013

by Angry Panda

I admit it. I was disappointed by the first Hobbit movie. Not because it wasn’t good or fun, but because the standard set by the first Lord of the Rings movie is so high not even the others of the series could reach it. Two things really stuck out for me, one being the unbearably long and gimmicky rollercoaster through the goblin city and the more important one the forced humiliation of Saruman in the meeting of the council. Remember Gandalf speaking of Saruman in the first movie? Yeah, he really respected that guy and the Hobbit gave you no indication why as they forced him into the role of the normal incompetent movie boss who refuses to accept facts. Still the actor were fanstatic, the world was beautiful and let’s face it except for each other there is no competition. They tried after the Lord of the Rings but essentially there are no other fantasy movies of note. Unlike with Sci Fi there is no midfield here. Its like Avatar were the only noteworthy sci-fi production and the next best one was Flash Gordon.

So while I may not have enjoyed ever minute of the last one I very much look forward to the next. I’d be even happier if they allow Saruman a chance to shine as that is very much-needed to make his fall as tragic as it should be.




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11 06 2013
The desolation of Smaug is comming | 40K Plus

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