Just let it happen, it will all be over soon

12 06 2013

by AngryPanda

You know I don’t like to admit I was wrong but I do it if I have to. Kudos to Microsoft for making it happen. I told you why you should not buy an XBox One and I now freely admit the reasons I’ve listed are NOT the best ones why you should not buy one. While they remain valid Microsoft’s show at E3 brought something new to the table.

In the promo for the new Killer Instinct they brought one of the producers on stage and let him play against a female community manager who had never played the game. Now I could write a whole article just about  how much of a terrible idea it is to reinforce every cliché about sexism and violence in modern gaming by playing to the ego’s of miserable male teens by showing a women being beaten with no chance in a fighting game. One might even go so far as to say that maybe it’s not a good idea to include men beating up women in your promotion even if it is just a game, considering this is the marketing for a multi million dollar industry that tries to get into family’s living rooms. Thankfully they went even further, sparing us from having to think about nuanced issues by going all out in their rape power fantasy in the banter between the producer and the community manager.

So while rape jokes may have some place in comedy this is clearly not it. This is the intentional humiliation of a female company employee to pander to male teens with issues and the only questions left to me is how can it be possibly that Microsoft has not released an apology and the news that everyone involved in this has been fired?

On the bright side something is seriously wrong with the internet if this does not become the new catchphrase every time Killer Instinct is mentioned anywhere.




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