“Beware the Batman” first teaser trailer

19 06 2013

by AngryPanda

About time DC played to its strengths again and as much as the hype around Man of Steel is going; it is not the silver screen. DC Animated has absolutely ruld the market of animated superhero productions for almost 20 years now, with Marvel only rarely delivering single shows that could match their quality. Unfortunately DC has neglected this a fair bit. Apart from their excellent Direct-to-DVD-movies we haven’t heard much from them. The amazing Young justice series is cancelled and Green Lantern never took of and despite some excellent writing I think that was deserved as their choice of going with CGI instead of animation really limited what they could do and made their universe seem empty and boring. The obvious choice then was a new Batman series that is also CGI. Wait what? Please guys, stop this. You do fantastic animation that is universally beloved, this just doesn’t make sense.

Despite my reservations the trailer does look pretty good and considering Batman’s theme is about dark cityscapes and loneliness their inability to show huge crowds might not be as bad for this series as it was for Green Lantern. It’s worth a shot but I’d trade it for another season of Young Justice any day.



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