A plea for help: Stand with Summer

2 07 2013

UPDATE: Alright that was just impressive. It didn’t take more than an hour of beating the drums to get this issue solved once we started spreading it on Facebook and twitter. The power of social networks is both scary and amazing. Keep in mind we tried for almost two weeks to get this solved through the official channels. Someone at Cryptic noticed and fixed this right after we started shouting in public.


Alright folks this is it. This is me trying to channel the awesome power of the internet for once. It’s not a big thing and it’s not really for me. It also won’t take a lot of effort thankfully. In a nutshell this is what’s going on:

My City of heroes SG Next Gen was sucker punched as hard as it gets by the closure of that game obviously. We migrated to Champions, the only other superhero MMO out there really. Now Champions just isn’t very good. I don’t want to rant about the game right now, it isn’t the point. Suffice to say that if it had received half the updates STO (same engine, same company) had it would look a lot better right now. Between the move and Champions just not providing us the tools or content we need to keep people interested we haven’t fared very well. We’ve seen almost all our allied SGs die a slow death through attrition and we’ve bled almost our complete player base. Really there’s only four regular players left standing but somehow we managed to hold out ground, still hoping the game might get some development and keeping the SG going in case people want to come back. But now Cryptic went a step farther and actively tried to take us out, by banning one of us. This was simply the last straw, both for us as we no longer have the balance we needed and no one really plays any more and for me because I’m just so tired of being stepped on. This is how it went down:

My buddy @SummerEvening was talking to me in our global chat channel. He told me about some toons he had just seen. I asked him where. He tried to answer my question with “Just some people I saw at the event.” But the message didn’t appear. Appearantly a Cryptic chat bot had identified it as offensive and eaten it. Summer received a system message about this. Now like most people I know he didn’t have system messages active in his tab (as those will really spam you) and it was not A GM level message that will appear in your tab no matter what. So he tried to send it again. Strike two, the bot automatically banned him out of all chats in all three Cryptic games. Again. Summer was banned for answeringmy question by sainy g “Just some people I saw at the event.” in our private SG global channel. How this could be taken as spam I don’t know and don’t care about. This thing needs to be shut off, we already don#t talk in Zone or public anymore because of madness like this but now they invade these channels too? We can moderate those ourselves thank you very much Cryptic.

Summer has sent a ticket to resolve the issue but has now been banned for over a week with no result. I know that this is a terribly overentitled first world problem and usually we just take these things but I’m done. We’ve been walked over for a year now, I’ve seen everything we loved and worked for die slowly but they don’t need to rub it in by kicking us in the face while we’re down. Plus there’s the simple fact that Summer paid for this game and none of us are that blessed with money. They don’t seem to have a hotline. The tickets haven’t worked. Waiting hasn’t helped. So here’s my plea: If you know @SummerEvening from COH or Champions, or if you’ve been a member or ally of Next Gen in the past or even if you simply know me under one of my names (K4r4i in Chumps/Falke in COH/AngryPanda on da blogs) and know I wouldn’t make shit like this up: Please drop Cryptic a line. If you play Champions write a ticket and post on their Facebook site. If you don’t just post on their Facebook site, these seem to at least get a reaction as they make them look back. Write what you like but mention Summer’s global name or just copy+paste the following so you can be done with this in 3 seconds. This may not be the most important crisis in the universe but it is important to us and it will just cost you 3 seconds and we just don’t know what to do anymore.

ticket/message: Please unban @SummerEvening who was banned by one of your chatbots for no valid reason. Saying “Just some people I saw at the event” in his SGs private channel is NOT spam!

Champions Facebook Page





One response

2 07 2013
Adam Thaxton

I’m alive again, hooray! Not 15-30 minutes after this went up? Awesome!

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