Europe may need an independence day by now

4 07 2013

by AngryPanda

Don’t worry, I’ll be writing about cartoons again soon enough.

EuropeSometimes international politics can get so out of hand it is hard to believe. The night of July 2. had one of those incidents in the skies over Europe. Because of the mere rumor Edward Snowden could be on the airplane of Bolivian preseident Evo Morales the European Union states Spain, France, Italy and Portugal denied it access to their airspace – apparently doing the bidding of the US. The president’s machine had to make an emergency landing in Vienna. To ignore the diplomatic immunity of a head-of-state like this is an affront of the highest order. That they likely did this because of a mere hint from Washington begs the question just how much influence the United States wields at this point.

The institutions and governments of these for states will have to answer some tough questions, both to their own citizens and the other states of the European Union. The most shocking behavior was shown by Spain who not only refused President Morales rights the longest but also sent their ambassador in Vienna to the airport who claimed “he wanted to have coffee” with President Morales to get access to the downed airplane. Unless the ambassador was suddenly overtaken by an inhuman desire for Bolivian coffee he may have realized that this might look like a pathetic and insulting attempt to get access to the Bolivian plane to (presumably) spy for the United States.

The rest of this Article is found on Mad Mike’s America behind the link. Thanks for reading.

The above entry is based on an original article from Der Spiegelfechter which can be found here.



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