America is sick, wounded and very confused

15 07 2013

ParanoiaWhile inside the US people of color are wondering if the law does even protect them America’s allies on the outside are starting to wonder if they’re dealing with a a dangerous case of delusions. Since 2005 about 25 Americans lose their lifes to terrorism each year. Most of them while being outside of the US. More Americans die through TV sets falling from windows each year than through terrorism yet the US spends billions each year to wage an imagined war against the middle east, its own citizens and now its allied nations. In its paranoia the US are turning themselves into a totalitarian police state that hunts the few heroes who are willing to stand up and tell its people what is going on.

And the worst part is you can’t even talk to them about it, there is no understanding that breaking the fundamental laws of their allied states will be a problem for them since they’ve cultivated an “us against everyone” attitude for such a long time. Even the ones who would be willing to see it can’t afford to talk about it. Sure one could go out there and attack the Obama administration but what few people outside the US realize is that they are fighting an internal force that wants to push them back into the dark ages. Why should they care how much data the White House collects if they are in a constant battle for basic rights like equal marriage or a woman’s right to control her own womb?

No matter from which side you look at it this mess seems to be impossible to solve and it gets worse every year. If this is all an elaborate show to keep everyone helpless while they reform the country in their own image the Koch brothers are geniuses on the level of comic book supervillains.



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