I guess I should give a shit about “The Wolverine”

26 07 2013

But I really don’t. As a lifelong X-Men fan any new entry to their franchise is something I should be intro. But seriously, who cares? Wolverine, despite his massive popularity has always been the most boring of these characters, 90 action heroism distilled into one character. He’s not the most dangerous mutant alive no matter what they say. He’s not even the best at what he does, unless that means selling Marvel comics because alright he does that. I might have still cared because hey anything that can get the X-Men franchise going right? But Singer screwed that up himself, yeah the holy priest of good X-Men movies did it. They did start to ignore their own unwanted movies including the first Wolverine movie. So if this thing can be completely out of continuity at random why exactly does it matter? Is the last one still valid? Apparently this one plays after X-Men 3 which was supposedly erased by First Class. Or not. We sure as hell know Emma Frost showed up in two movies as different persons so something is off here.

Might even have overlooked that but let’s face it the trailer lost me in the first 20 seconds then they ruined the one upside Wolverine does have over other heroes. He doesn’t do the angsty “Oh my god I wish I was normal” thing. Except now he does. This movie is about him wanting to give up being immune to everything and practical immortal. Yeah right. I just got over some very painful diarrhea and let me tell you I don’t buy it. Maybe I’ll muster some interest in the next few weeks but right now it sort of amazes me how much I don’t care about one of my favorite franchises.

Let me know if they hire the guy from Blame to do a real life Wolverine Snikt…





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31 07 2013
Looks like I do still give a shit about X-Men “Days of the future past” | This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] if that were even a question but considering my view and the really crappy viewer numbers for The Wolverine it seems worth mentioning. Anyway they’re starting the hype for X-Men “Days of the […]

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