Looks like I do still give a shit about X-Men “Days of the future past”

31 07 2013

As if that were even a question but considering my view and the really crappy viewer numbers for The Wolverine it seems worth mentioning. Anyway they’re starting the hype for X-Men “Days of the future past” which is not only the one definite story that got me into X-Men back in the day but also the follow-up to the excellent X-Men “First Class”. This movie is about everything that makes X-Men interesting, which is especially noteworthy since First Class did without Wolverine and despite what every idiot seems to think he’s not what makes this series great.




2 responses

31 07 2013

The original storyline was set in the distant, far away year of… 2013. 🙂

18 08 2013

In the US is a dystopia with no liberty and total information control. Man were they totaly off on how 2013 would look 😉

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