“Thor The Dark World” Full trailer is looking good

7 08 2013

This is a rare beast indeed. I’m looking forward to this because of two reasons really. One is that I just loved the first Thor movie. The second though is that this is going to be immensely interesting. The first Thor was a pretty small fry compared to Iron Man or the Avengers. But with Loki now being as popular as he is this movie might turn out a lot bigger than anyone expects from the sequel of such a small name. The other real question is how it wil hold up to Man of Steel, the movie currently sitting on the throne of super strong dudes with red capes hitting things. Thor had all the heart and chemistry Man of Steel didn’t but still will it be able to match the sheer spectacle of the last Superman movie?

So far this looks like they could pull it off to me. Extra point for not screwing up the colors, knowing from which angel to hold the camera and not using lens flares. All things that are sadly not standard for triple A productions these days.






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