Goodbye my friends: Next Gen has officialy closed down

31 10 2013


A year ago the home of our guild/supergroup Next Gen was taken away when NCSoft decided to close down City of Heroes. With Champions as the only available alternative we moved over there. Due to the vastly different look and theme of the game we tried adjusting the group to both accommodate old characters and new ones. Yet despite our efforts it simply did not work out. With no tools to create our own content like we used to have and absolutely no indication of Cryptic planning to implement such ever we were limited to what the game had to offer. And it just isn’t much. With too small team size, level gated content and basic mechanics that turned off over half of our members right from the start we simply never found a way to make it work.

For a year now we tried to keep going. Grim and Summer held out to the last week after week they tried to make our Wednesday event running, usually just with Hidebehind and me around. On good days we had one or two more. Even Grim’s last valiant effort to get a story going that could let us use what tools Champions had didn’t work out. So last night, with the four of us, as usual we decided that keeping this group going under the current conditions is doing it a disservice. Overlaying good memories with failure after failure should not be the legacy of the group so many of us worked so hard. As of now the Next Gen supergroup has been disbanded in Champions Online. The Guildportal site will be reset to a City of Heroes group because Paragon City is our real home. From now on the fate of Next Gen will be tied to that. We fully support the Phoenix Project and their City of Titans that attempts to create a new home for the heroes of Paragon. The chance is not exactly great but if City of Titans launches Next Gen will rise again with it. If it fails we will go out with our City like we should have from the start. These forums will stay open to keep in touch and for those still visiting Champions the Next Gen global channel is still open and available. Grim, Summer and I can still be found there, trying a new concept that is less ambitious and more lighthearted. You can find the site for that behind this link.

There’s no way for me to properly express how sad this is for us. I’ve personally seen Next Gen grow from nothing but an idea to one of the most active concept RP groups on Virtue and over the years have worked with so many amazing people and learned so much. We never let the group go, and Grim most of all tried tirelessly to keep it going but what we’re doing now is not truly closing it but admitting it is over. There are way too many of you out there I should thank for the amazing things we did, Dayrunner who had the original idea, Crash, Goth, War, Eli, Mundaine, Wirra, Grim, Summer, Disco, Shival, Klinge, Flame and so many more. You guys were my friends when I had nothing else to live for and I can only hope you can take some happy memories out of what we did because as with all things that is all we have left now.

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22 03 2016

Miss you guys!

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