Happy Birthday City of Heroes

27 04 2014

Today would be the 10th birthday of my home City of Heroes. It’s still gone. And so far I have missed every significant date to finish my series of posts to say goodbye to it. By this time it is obvious to me why. The third part is to talk about the aftermath but the aftermath is not over. It will never be over. There won’t come a time then I can write that and go “ok I’m done that’s all I had to say”. So maybe I’ll finish it, maybe I won’t. But for now all I got is that while my life is at a much better place than it was two years ago the gaping hole left still makes it seem worse. I know a lot of people have moved on, got over what is only a game and by now its even sort of fashionable among former players to defend NCSoft for being assholes. Not for me. I can’t move on. I will never get over it. This world is not compatible to me. No matter how hard I try I never quite fit in and the only place I was happy in is still gone. I don’t think I have a real point here except that I’m still deeply unhappy that I can’t go home every single day.

I said a few nice things to my SG mates then Next Gen finally closed down a few months ago because we realized how attempt to keep going in other games just wasn’t working out. I want to thank everyone who worked on the game for what they did but I doubt I can tell them what it meant to me really and other people have done it way better before. So this is a sad day. It’s not even some big get together of former players, just a few posts on Facebook and an article on a blog here and there. Today could have been the 10th anniversary of the one place I could be happy in. Instead I have to make plans how to make life in the rest of it somewhat bearable. So here’s a heartfelt “fuck this”. Have a nice day.

2012-09-09 01:28:20

My last day at home. I’m not one for screenshots and pictures in general but do I wish I had taken more now.




4 responses

27 04 2014
Liz Currie

Thanks SO much for posting that! It still aches that my PC died and took all of my last screenshots of those goodbyes. Now I have now image back.

27 04 2014
Liz Currie

Blargh typos. Oh screw it. It’s good anyway.

28 04 2014

There is not a day that goes by I wonder how old super-group team mates and friends from the game are doing. With a new issue out every 4 months I think we would have been on about issue 29 by now. I cannot imagine all the new features and yes bug fixes that would be in place by now.

I will never forget and never forgive. I do not know why NCsoft would never have sold or licensed the product out. Pure B.S.

Take care guy! I hope you do find a new home on-line some where at some point.

30 12 2014
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