This is how I feel every single time I try not to pirate something

17 09 2014

“You must first enable Kinect functionality by logging into MSN via Facebook before continuing.”

“Thank you for logging in. To enable Kinect, you must be logged into Games For Windows Live”

“Thank you for logging in. You must activate your membership card, which is 60 a year for online play, and 50 for single play.”

“Thank you for activating your card, please take this time to update your account with your address, phone number, and last colonoscopy.”

“Thank you for updating your information. The service you are trying to use is not available in your country*.”

*(The last one will only be true if you live outside the US,  about 70% of the time if you’re Canadian and 95% in Europe)





One response

17 09 2014
Liz Currie

Yes. This is Occam always wins. Yar.

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