PAN Teaser – So its Peter Pan’s turn again

28 11 2014

Works for me, I always loved Neverland in a way. And it’s just about perfect for the sort of happy glowie cgi wonders you can fill places with these days. Like Malificent’s bog except a floating island and thus way more awesome. Also ..making it a floating island. Awesome.

I’m feeling like these types of movies are the anti Harry Potter, keeping magic as wondrous instead of the banal chore it is there. And to bash on another much loved franchise, we do deserve a great Neverland after that dread hopeless generic forest “Once upon a time” tried to sell.




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11 10 2015
Pan seems …odd? | This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] was looking forward to this movie but even the previous trailer did not seem as weird as this rather simple picture and bit of soundtrack. I mean what the […]

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