Last generations console war: A study in the bevavior of near monopolies

20 01 2015

Because it can’t always be WW I and II documentaries now can it? I have to admit the Playstation 3 vs XBox 360 story fascinated me the whole time. It had everything, a completely new way to even build a computer (for me at least, back then the PS3 was released I didn’t know this sort of setup was used for way bigger things), economics and well video games. Another thing that is just sort of mindboggling is how both of these machines essentially screwed up so spectacularly badly they should have been annihilated and it just somehow balanced out. This is the sort of fuckup that only companies with nearly endless supplies of money can afford and still walk away from. The incredible arrogance shown by Sony almost cost them everything and this is a behavior I see repeated again and again, most recently in the wargaming market there one company tries to make the audience want what they like based on the arrogance of having a massive market share. And just like Sony it seems they are falling from an invincible position. You’d think this sort of arrogance only happens with companies that control such massive shares of the market that they can get away with it but if you take a closer look it happens all the time. The desire to control the cusotmer instead of serving them is very widespread. In  more competitve markets this just usualy means its one of the dozens of dumb things that came and sank without anyone really noticing it.

Its sort of funny to see that this generation is now over because the whole PS3 vs XBox360 thing essentially started then I started learning about hardware and programming. It took me this long to remotely understand what’s going on but this video sums it up quite nicely because Shamus Young is way smarter than me and more importantly really good at explaining shit.




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