Windows 10 which is Windows 9 but counting is so 2014

21 01 2015

So Microsoft is introducing Windows 10 right now, which really is windows 9. That they call 10. This alone should be a red flag. I prefer my OS creators to be able to count. Also every even number on a Windows release has been shit so are they trying to tell us they skipped the good one this time?

Shudder. I’m imagining blue screens on all my devices at the same time now. Do Windows Phone ever even do anything but continiously update themselves?




3 responses

22 01 2015
Liz Currie

Windows and Star Trek share the same curse: Good numbers good, odd numbers bad. They really really want to avoid Windows 5: The Final Frontier, but ME might already have been it.

22 01 2015

Windows is the opposite. Odd numbers are good. See XP okay, Vista a plauge, Seven ok, 8 did that exist?
But since they were so intent on making more crap they were kind enough to name the next one 10 so the pattern
can hold.

22 01 2015
Павел Рябов

One Platform. One Store. One BSOD:

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