YES! YES! YES! Or the day Star Wars Rebels got its shit together

23 04 2015

It’s not often that I go out for complete blind praise. I would if I did a review of Star Wars Clone Wars, which in its last four seasons or so provided the singular best Star Wars product ever but I was lazy and didn’t. But Ican mention it here so that’s something. And since it’s a glorious day I can also mention that Star Wars Rebels, the show that replaced Clone Wars and was inferior in every way, and unbelievably wasted a ton of stories and art assets (seriously those are worth a shitton of money, you can see how the new show has start from scratch in crappy desserts due to all the planets they lost etc.). This show was so stupid it had a Darth Vader standin guy in the ONLY show of all time in which they could have had Vader himself.  I could go and talk about all the other stuff that show started of badly but I said it’s about praise so here we go: glorious episode 13 of this show sees us at Mustafa the planet Anakin got cut to pieces in if you remember as some sort of Empire super torture chamber for Jedi or whatnot. We never quite find out as our not quite Obi Wan gets saved by not quite Luke. They are both pretty decent in this episode despite me making fun of them. Sabine kicks so much ass at the start of this episode you’d think the show should be about her but then I’m biased and think that anyway.

Oh yeah spoilers, but seriously if you aren’t already watching this show these spoilers might be what gets you to it so I’m going to throw them in anyway. Fulcrum, the secret rebel leader is revealed to be Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s padawan from Clone Wars and a character that developed from an annoying sidekick to one of the best Star Wars icons I’ve ever seen. She’s also essentially all the good sides of Anakin Skywalker (who Clone Wars made so awesome they single-handedly saved that character for me after those awful movies) and had a fantastic exit from the Jedi order in Clone Wars. Asoka is the best side of the Jedi (not the strongest, just all that’s good about them) and the reveal that of all people it was Darth Vader’s own former student, is utterly awesome. Among other things because he trained her that way, so his legacy is more than just murdering a bunch of kids and destroying all he stood for.

It’s hard to describe how happy I am right now. I didn’t even like this show then it started but let me tell you this was one of the best moments of all times. Admittedly the strawberries in vanilla sauce made it even better.

And if you like Star Wars but haven’t seen Clone Wars, fucking watch Clone Wars. It doesn’t start perfect but it will pay off. And now it will also make Rebels something more than just a proto “New Hope”. Awesome.

In case I haven’t mentioned this yet, Ahsoka is awesome. Her flight from Coruscant once expelled from the Jedi Order is one of the best themed scenes in Star Wars period. Now if you’re sitting there twirling your mustache and going “that’s not an iconic character, she’s not in the movies” go fuck yourself. She’s been in six seasons of Star Wars Clone wars, that is more screen time than Luke Skywalker ever had and she’s an icon for Star Wars for a whole new generation of fans.




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