Avengers: Age of Ultron – Random thoughts

24 04 2015

Well that.. was a movie I guess? It felt a bit like a Transformers sequel to be honest. Massively better due to a sympathetic cast but still just an action vehicle with no real point beside huge metal dude wants to kill all organics. So yeah Transformers except I like Megatron more.

They made Hawkeye pretty likeable. However his arc only reinforced that there is no real explanation why is on the team and not just another Shield Agent. Or Black Widow for that matter althoguh she can fly on the “only girl arround” card. By that logic Mariah Hill might as well be an Avenger though. Also Scarlet Witch now stole her thunder. And is the first women in a Marvel movie with superpowers. I feel like that should be a bigger thing. Oh and they wasted Quicksilver. If they were worried he was also in the last X-Men maybe they shouldn’t have given up on him already.

Honestly I’m not sure what to say about this one. It feels like it took too long to just get all these people in a few more action scenes. It wasn’t bad but is this really the best you can come up with? Ultron should have used more of Stark’s tech, be the whole army of Iron Men from his third movie sorta, instead he was just an army of generic killer robots.

The romance was awkward and making it part of the “you think you’re the only monster on this team” speech that Widow can’t have children just feels ugly in the conservative fucked up women a breeding ovens worldview way. On the plus side she had a fancy tron suit. I like Tron..

The whole character conflict felt pretty forced and even worse you didn’t even see why the team was together. How that Hydra hunting had started. If they were doing this, why didn’t it come up in Agents of Shield? How did no one notice? It’s not like they are subtle.

Another completely random thought, I know these actors are too expensive for the TV show but what about the other way arround? Just like in Winter Soldier I kept wondering why they stopped putting Coulson into these movies. It would give his show a major push after all.

I may have had high standards but 5 minutes of a pretty cheap cartoon did more for the than all those billions they threw into this movie yesterday so yeah. This movie felt like a bit of a placeholder. And it didn’t even do any worthwhile worldbuilding in the meantime.

Ageof Ultron



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