Did everyone forget that Marvel’s “Civil War” was complete shit?

25 11 2015

I continue to be awed how Marvel receives praise for everything they do but this here almost takes the cake. The internet is having a collective orgasm over the new Captain America trailer. Oh my god they are doing the Civil War story! Cap and Tony will fight!

Yes, great as if they ever needed to come up with an extra special reason to have heroes fight. but Civil War? Did we collectively forget that everyone hated Civil War? It was the story that was so bad they had to follow it up with a story that claimed half of their characters had in fact been Skrull for years just to salvage those characters from being ruined by Civil War. Which was then followed by Dark Reign which was just torture atonement porn for the rest and most of all Iron Man who had been so utterly broken by Civil War that before his movies the character was basicaly worthless.

How bad was Civil War? It was so bad that for a while we used to call Marvel the new Games Workshop as masters of stupid grimdark stories. Civil War wasn’t just shit. Civil war was the sort of shit that leaves stains that take years to clean out. It took two mega crossover events and one universaly hated super reboot just to fix what Civil War had done. Yes, One More Day was also caused by Civil War, that’s how bad it was. So bad they needed the Devil to make their world universaly forget the events.


We only wish this line was put in with photoshop

So how anyone can cheer that they decided to use this storyline is utterly beyond me.




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