Rob Ford is proud of himself and you should be too!

8 01 2016

The man, the legend, the icon is back! Well technicay he was never gone but I don’t see local Canadian news a lot. Anyway, my man Rob Ford is talking again, specifcialy he’s saying that he doesn’t realy know if he took crack or not. Which is totaly fair,  if you take so much weird shit its hard to know what exactly you’re high from. And anyway it shouldn’t matter because he has been clean for two years which realy is longer than can expect considering that he’s only been in a public office for 15.

I mean technicaly its hard to know, if he wasn’t sure if the stuff he took was crack then it might be a bit hard to know if he’s clean since he wouldn’t exactly know if he used crack again. I mean how would he? I don’t even know how exactly you take crack. Do you smoke it? Snort it of a hooker? If so, is it the only thing you snort of a hooker? How can the poor guy tell. And if you do know how it is taken maybe that’s saying more bad things about you than about Rob Ford. You should take a long hard look at your life.

What truly counts is that Rob Ford is proud of himself. That means he just got praise from Rob Ford, so who are you to critisize him? Did Rob Ford endorse your lifestyle? Yeah I didn’t think so. If Ford is proud of himself then you should be too! No, not proud of yourself, proud of him obviously.


Your probably just angry you din’t get a Rob Ford wobbly head, that’s why!




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15 01 2016
The thing about quotes on the internet | This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] guy was more sensitive. I mean I guess he does have a point, but the tone man the tone. Just like my man Rob Ford once […]

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