The thing about quotes on the internet

15 01 2016

“Any jackass can attribute any quote to you on the Internet.”

Patrick Steward

Dude, harsh. I realy thought that guy was more sensitive. I mean I guess he does have a point, but the tone man the tone. Just like my man Rob Ford once said:

“While the truth is a light worth shining one should always be careful not to use it to shine on other’s emotional scars.”

He’s such an inspiration. Unlike you Marx, you foul mouthed prick!

Internet quotes


Anyway my point is that not every quote attributed to a famous person is actualy correct. Even if they are photoshoped beside a picture of said person. I mean not this one obviously, that’s just historical fact. Even if its harsh language. But hey you know the old saying.

“Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough.”

Abraham Lincoln

So don’t believe every meme you see. Unless its about dildos obviously.

Didnt say that

That’s all for today kids. Remember:

“Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Kevin Costner, in Postman




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