It’s world autism awareness day

2 04 2016

Or so says an email from people wanting me to donate money to… I don’t know what actualy.

People claim too many kids are diagnosed with it just becuase they are hard to deal with. Now I don’t know about the US there it is considered a sickness that’s treated with pills but arround here its just dumb shit from dumb twits who don’t understand what science does. There are not too many kids diagnosed with it. You just didn’t do it in the past because you didn’t know how. Sorry if that shatters another happy little illusion about life.

Also if you’re out there don’t hope something like this will help. People will never get it, they’ll always think you could act normal if you just realy wanted to. So don’t let anyone know if you can avoid it. Especialy since this new utterly delightful trend of some rude assholes claiming they “have just a bit of autism”. They don’t. They’re just assholes. See above, there’s actual ways to diagnose this. Just like people don’t get to claim they are inventing too many cases they don’t get to make themselves one as a fashion choice.






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