Holding it in too long: Throwing up US politics

7 05 2016

I’m so tired of reading about US elections. Apart from the sheer bomabstic size of the nonsense it just wears me out how everyone plays their smoke and mirrors game, completly focused inwards, shouting loud about how its all just about the supreme court, unaware of their warships 50 miles of russian borders being in direct provacative games with military planes. Gigantic proxy wars devastating the middle east, their allied countries in europe all swept by a new highly aggresive fashist movements, Ukraine another proxy warzone but sure it’s all about your rightwing yokels and bathroom bills.
Clinton bot 2.0 is just another empty shell for the forces pushing for all this shit. No she’s not the reasonable choice people totaly need to get behind. The world is not just your fucking backyard.
Not that you shouldn’t have cleaned that up long ago.





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