Everyone told you they would not vote for Clinton

12 11 2016

Alright. Liz painted a huge target on herself and I am nothing if not a fellow lemming,

so I’m giving in to the temptation of saying “I told you so you fucking idiots what were you thinking?!”. Because I’m so angry this happened, that this freak show attraction will ruin so many lives, that a whole generation will pay for it in regressive court decisions that.. I could go on all night. But there is no point. The defensive machine is already in full spin. The people who said this is not going to work like this were wrong. Even though it didn’t work. They’re all naive idiots who think racist yokels can be swayed. As it wouldn’t have only taken a fraction of the people who just didn’t vote to swing this. You don’t even need the ones who did vote Trump, even if you could actually get a bunch of them.

Getting those people can be soul-crushing, especially if they’ve hurt you in the past. Its thankless because even if they believe you they will never truly appreciate your work. And you know if you get of your high horse for just a moment and actually try to live the “we go high” attitude then maybe it is not too much to admit that even if you (and me, I know I do) don’t care about these people, or even despise them that they too, that EVERYONE deserves some sort of perspective for the future. That even a modern, changed, progressive world needs to offer everyone some perspective. Isn’t that what we on the left claim to strife for? Or did they have their turn and can go rot now?

It took actual work to lose this. Real effort. And man was it ever put in. And even now there is no way to call it out.

And you know what? Fuck this. This is a catastrophe not just for everyone in the US but the whole world.

But I had a good year. I have a decent job for the first time. It is incredibly secure, more so than most Americans can imagine. And yes I am a straight white guy (which by the way doesn’t mean I am happy in my body or any of that shit but screw you).

I don’t live in a mould invested hole that kills me anymore. I got decent clothes to wear that make people treat me like an actual person. I can afford the meds I need and I can help out my dad now that he’s retired and short on funds.

So yeah I will not suffer too much from this garbage fire.

For the first time ever my life is actually kind of average.

I will help my few friends there I can (lucky me I have autism, I’m a pariah to society, people instantly hate me so few friends, but hey Life is a cakewalk for me right? So I don’t have a lot of them to worry about.). For them I’m worried sick. The rest of the world can go fuck off and deal with this fucking mess alone until you learn to play to win in a cultural war instead of acting like spoiled brats who really think its their turn to have the cake now.

Feel free to unfriend me if that rant is too much. First of all I’m used to it and second this is exactly how you lost and this whole shit happened in the first place.

For me this is it. I’m done. I’m not taking hate and bile, I’m not going in the trenches to desperately try and explain that you need to give people some sort of perspective, yes even those dumb and intolerant people you think are worthless. Shit look at yourself, you’re so desperate to defend how this went that you keep digging up the worst racist comments to claim there was NO ONE who could have been swayed. Conveniently forgetting the 50% that didn’t vote. That don’t say such shit. That are still just being silent because they think Trump and his faction are terrible but aren’t ready to endure the firestorm of attacks from their own liberal friends if they so much as admit they stayed at home. They don’t want to take the torrent of accusations of being sexist or racist or whatever the fuck just to keep you from self-destructing by making the pro war avatar of Wall Street some sort of leftwing saint now. Hey look at that I’m anti-Semite too now because “Banks” is code for “Jews” even if its really meant to simplify the issues of a global financial system that has outgrown all reason and I liked Sanders (Oh shit he’s a BernieBro! Is there no end to labels you got ready for anyone who warned you Hillary Clinton is a bad choice? ) but yeah whatever makes you happy.

Keep circling the wagons and blame everyone except for the strategy that lost this. The damage is going to be so large that it might not even matter if you can get your shit together from now on and I don’t have the energy to fight with what should be my own side.




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