Don’t forget to call your Mothra today

8 05 2016

This a new Godzilla movie inbound it’s good to have a day to think of everyone’s favorite cuddly Kaiju.



Pacific Rim: The Godannar movie?

6 07 2013

by AngryPanda

Westernizing Japanese properties in more serious, gritty and usually not very popular western versions has a long tradition.

Yet while Pacific Rim does look like a darker and adult version of cheesy old action series like Godannar it looks less like bastardized western production it reminds me more of the exceptionally entertaining Yamato movie which was also a very dark looking version of the old franchise simply because the setups for these shows are pretty grim despite all the pretty colors. A union between several pilots and their machine is basically a staple of the mecha genre and something I’ve never seen in western productions so far. Not to mention they even go right out and call the giant monsters Kaiju. This one looks very promising to me right now. In the current climate of reusing old IPs for marketing value I’m almost surprised they didn’t slap one of the dozens of mecha cartoon titles onto it though. I hope their attempt to stand completely on their own feet doesn’t fail between all the remakes that dominate the moviescape right now.