Behold: Doctor Doom!

6 08 2015

Directly from the new Fantastic Four movies.

Well don’t you feel stupid for hating the last two so much now..

The solution to the greek debt crisis

1 08 2015

My life is full of people who tell me how shitty Florida is on one side. And the new german rightwing idiots telling me what a huge problem Greece is. So this video is just about the ultimate answer to my life right now.

Sadly the idiots don’t even speak enough english to show them the joke but I guess that’s part of their immune system.

It gets even better ’cause if we had Florida it’d be the perfect place to stuff said idiots into.

Its a good time to get your Star Wars fix

11 06 2015


While SWTOR never worked out for me long term its story missions are an absolutely joy. And for the next two months they got a massive expeirence boost, allowing any new character to only play through their class story and ignore all the grind and chores on the way. Its a great time to get back and finish those classes I never played and for anyone who never played it, this is a great chance to taste the best it has to offer without having to deal with any of its problems. Its worth it because realy those class stories are just about the best Star Wars fix I ever got.

Its a good time to like lightsabers.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Random thoughts

24 04 2015

Well that.. was a movie I guess? It felt a bit like a Transformers sequel to be honest. Massively better due to a sympathetic cast but still just an action vehicle with no real point beside huge metal dude wants to kill all organics. So yeah Transformers except I like Megatron more.

They made Hawkeye pretty likeable. However his arc only reinforced that there is no real explanation why is on the team and not just another Shield Agent. Or Black Widow for that matter althoguh she can fly on the “only girl arround” card. By that logic Mariah Hill might as well be an Avenger though. Also Scarlet Witch now stole her thunder. And is the first women in a Marvel movie with superpowers. I feel like that should be a bigger thing. Oh and they wasted Quicksilver. If they were worried he was also in the last X-Men maybe they shouldn’t have given up on him already.

Honestly I’m not sure what to say about this one. It feels like it took too long to just get all these people in a few more action scenes. It wasn’t bad but is this really the best you can come up with? Ultron should have used more of Stark’s tech, be the whole army of Iron Men from his third movie sorta, instead he was just an army of generic killer robots.

The romance was awkward and making it part of the “you think you’re the only monster on this team” speech that Widow can’t have children just feels ugly in the conservative fucked up women a breeding ovens worldview way. On the plus side she had a fancy tron suit. I like Tron..

The whole character conflict felt pretty forced and even worse you didn’t even see why the team was together. How that Hydra hunting had started. If they were doing this, why didn’t it come up in Agents of Shield? How did no one notice? It’s not like they are subtle.

Another completely random thought, I know these actors are too expensive for the TV show but what about the other way arround? Just like in Winter Soldier I kept wondering why they stopped putting Coulson into these movies. It would give his show a major push after all.

I may have had high standards but 5 minutes of a pretty cheap cartoon did more for the than all those billions they threw into this movie yesterday so yeah. This movie felt like a bit of a placeholder. And it didn’t even do any worthwhile worldbuilding in the meantime.

Ageof Ultron

YES! YES! YES! Or the day Star Wars Rebels got its shit together

23 04 2015

It’s not often that I go out for complete blind praise. I would if I did a review of Star Wars Clone Wars, which in its last four seasons or so provided the singular best Star Wars product ever but I was lazy and didn’t. But Ican mention it here so that’s something. And since it’s a glorious day I can also mention that Star Wars Rebels, the show that replaced Clone Wars and was inferior in every way, and unbelievably wasted a ton of stories and art assets (seriously those are worth a shitton of money, you can see how the new show has start from scratch in crappy desserts due to all the planets they lost etc.). This show was so stupid it had a Darth Vader standin guy in the ONLY show of all time in which they could have had Vader himself.  I could go and talk about all the other stuff that show started of badly but I said it’s about praise so here we go: glorious episode 13 of this show sees us at Mustafa the planet Anakin got cut to pieces in if you remember as some sort of Empire super torture chamber for Jedi or whatnot. We never quite find out as our not quite Obi Wan gets saved by not quite Luke. They are both pretty decent in this episode despite me making fun of them. Sabine kicks so much ass at the start of this episode you’d think the show should be about her but then I’m biased and think that anyway.

Oh yeah spoilers, but seriously if you aren’t already watching this show these spoilers might be what gets you to it so I’m going to throw them in anyway. Fulcrum, the secret rebel leader is revealed to be Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s padawan from Clone Wars and a character that developed from an annoying sidekick to one of the best Star Wars icons I’ve ever seen. She’s also essentially all the good sides of Anakin Skywalker (who Clone Wars made so awesome they single-handedly saved that character for me after those awful movies) and had a fantastic exit from the Jedi order in Clone Wars. Asoka is the best side of the Jedi (not the strongest, just all that’s good about them) and the reveal that of all people it was Darth Vader’s own former student, is utterly awesome. Among other things because he trained her that way, so his legacy is more than just murdering a bunch of kids and destroying all he stood for.

It’s hard to describe how happy I am right now. I didn’t even like this show then it started but let me tell you this was one of the best moments of all times. Admittedly the strawberries in vanilla sauce made it even better.

And if you like Star Wars but haven’t seen Clone Wars, fucking watch Clone Wars. It doesn’t start perfect but it will pay off. And now it will also make Rebels something more than just a proto “New Hope”. Awesome.

In case I haven’t mentioned this yet, Ahsoka is awesome. Her flight from Coruscant once expelled from the Jedi Order is one of the best themed scenes in Star Wars period. Now if you’re sitting there twirling your mustache and going “that’s not an iconic character, she’s not in the movies” go fuck yourself. She’s been in six seasons of Star Wars Clone wars, that is more screen time than Luke Skywalker ever had and she’s an icon for Star Wars for a whole new generation of fans.

Windows 10 which is Windows 9 but counting is so 2014

21 01 2015

So Microsoft is introducing Windows 10 right now, which really is windows 9. That they call 10. This alone should be a red flag. I prefer my OS creators to be able to count. Also every even number on a Windows release has been shit so are they trying to tell us they skipped the good one this time?

Shudder. I’m imagining blue screens on all my devices at the same time now. Do Windows Phone ever even do anything but continiously update themselves?

Last generations console war: A study in the bevavior of near monopolies

20 01 2015

Because it can’t always be WW I and II documentaries now can it? I have to admit the Playstation 3 vs XBox 360 story fascinated me the whole time. It had everything, a completely new way to even build a computer (for me at least, back then the PS3 was released I didn’t know this sort of setup was used for way bigger things), economics and well video games. Another thing that is just sort of mindboggling is how both of these machines essentially screwed up so spectacularly badly they should have been annihilated and it just somehow balanced out. This is the sort of fuckup that only companies with nearly endless supplies of money can afford and still walk away from. The incredible arrogance shown by Sony almost cost them everything and this is a behavior I see repeated again and again, most recently in the wargaming market there one company tries to make the audience want what they like based on the arrogance of having a massive market share. And just like Sony it seems they are falling from an invincible position. You’d think this sort of arrogance only happens with companies that control such massive shares of the market that they can get away with it but if you take a closer look it happens all the time. The desire to control the cusotmer instead of serving them is very widespread. In  more competitve markets this just usualy means its one of the dozens of dumb things that came and sank without anyone really noticing it.

Its sort of funny to see that this generation is now over because the whole PS3 vs XBox360 thing essentially started then I started learning about hardware and programming. It took me this long to remotely understand what’s going on but this video sums it up quite nicely because Shamus Young is way smarter than me and more importantly really good at explaining shit.


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