Windows 10 which is Windows 9 but counting is so 2014

21 01 2015

So Microsoft is introducing Windows 10 right now, which really is windows 9. That they call 10. This alone should be a red flag. I prefer my OS creators to be able to count. Also every even number on a Windows release has been shit so are they trying to tell us they skipped the good one this time?

Shudder. I’m imagining blue screens on all my devices at the same time now. Do Windows Phone ever even do anything but continiously update themselves?

Last generations console war: A study in the bevavior of near monopolies

20 01 2015

Because it can’t always be WW I and II documentaries now can it? I have to admit the Playstation 3 vs XBox 360 story fascinated me the whole time. It had everything, a completely new way to even build a computer (for me at least, back then the PS3 was released I didn’t know this sort of setup was used for way bigger things), economics and well video games. Another thing that is just sort of mindboggling is how both of these machines essentially screwed up so spectacularly badly they should have been annihilated and it just somehow balanced out. This is the sort of fuckup that only companies with nearly endless supplies of money can afford and still walk away from. The incredible arrogance shown by Sony almost cost them everything and this is a behavior I see repeated again and again, most recently in the wargaming market there one company tries to make the audience want what they like based on the arrogance of having a massive market share. And just like Sony it seems they are falling from an invincible position. You’d think this sort of arrogance only happens with companies that control such massive shares of the market that they can get away with it but if you take a closer look it happens all the time. The desire to control the cusotmer instead of serving them is very widespread. In  more competitve markets this just usualy means its one of the dozens of dumb things that came and sank without anyone really noticing it.

Its sort of funny to see that this generation is now over because the whole PS3 vs XBox360 thing essentially started then I started learning about hardware and programming. It took me this long to remotely understand what’s going on but this video sums it up quite nicely because Shamus Young is way smarter than me and more importantly really good at explaining shit.

Valiance Online: Holy shit where did this come from?

30 12 2014

I didn’t write on the anniversary of the COH shutdown. My posts about that could be an endless series that no one wants to read and I don’t want to write. The last one was on its birthday so most that could be said is there. Now to something positive!

While the people of the Titan Network are still setting up their basics the other big project to create a successor reared its head. And promptly hit it on the door frame or something. Valiance’s kickstarter failed but I think it was mostly because no one was quite aware who they are. But they went the right way. They have a playable test build for their project that is open for players now. Which means they provide the most important thing: A place for the community to gather. The game might be almost nothing yet but the look is right and everything else can grow. With some social areas to just hang out this might draw people and make them support them, be it financially or with skill sets. Never underestimate the will of players to build something up.

With at least a basic gathering ground I think their chance to make it in the end is actually better than Titan’s. We should still hope for them both but this is the place I’ll be looking at from here on. And with looking at I mean throw money at. They are looking for donations to upgrade the servers right now. It doesn’t look like they’ll get it all but they got my support. Hopefully with tie more and more people will become involved and want to support it.

And apart from everything else: the place looks great! I love the near future flair they went for.


Merry Christmas fellow trolls

24 12 2014

Remember if you’d rather be alone or hang out with internet friends that’s alright. Your family doesn’t want you there for you. It’s for them. And they will never feel bad even if they drain you to death.

Oh look they JJ Abramed Star Wars

28 11 2014

I know fans are going to jerk of to this because just like the new more boring cartoon it gives them their nostalgia fix but seriously did Star Wars need annoyingly loud shock music? And while these scenes do not look as terrible as his Star Trek work did, they still scream Abrams to me, everything seems to close to the camera, the lighting is too hard-edged. Of all the Star Wars I have seen in the last few years and that’s been quite a lot if you include game teasers this seems the least promising.

PAN Teaser – So its Peter Pan’s turn again

28 11 2014

Works for me, I always loved Neverland in a way. And it’s just about perfect for the sort of happy glowie cgi wonders you can fill places with these days. Like Malificent’s bog except a floating island and thus way more awesome. Also ..making it a floating island. Awesome.

I’m feeling like these types of movies are the anti Harry Potter, keeping magic as wondrous instead of the banal chore it is there. And to bash on another much loved franchise, we do deserve a great Neverland after that dread hopeless generic forest “Once upon a time” tried to sell.

Must nom all the things!

27 11 2014

This is my life..


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