I bloody told you Star Trek Beyond would be good

22 07 2016

Dear Trekkies. I fucking told you you so!

Good for all the reasons I said, because this director knows how to shoot action movies about characters. Now if you’d kindly stop being full of yourself and going “ohhh cars am stupid, we are the special elite snowflakes of sci fi how does this guy get to touch our stuff..”and go fuck yourself that’d be swell. Or you know, go watch and enjoy that movie you don’t deserve because the proletarian who made it wasn’t good enough for you.

Who should Namor want to fuck?

3 06 2016

I stumbled about this very important question today.

“But if Marvel does a NAMOR movie before they have FANTASTIC FOUR back, whose wife does he try to fuck? That’s like 75% of his schtick.”

How is this even a question? Since the Marvel MCU basicaly doesn’t do women there is only one couple that matters and that any fans are passionate about. And I mean they are realy passionate about them. The wife of course is Captain America’s and the black haired beauty’s name is Bucky Barnes. You would be able to feel the millions of fans screaming out at once and then orgasm the moment this would be revealed.



Don’t forget to call your Mothra today

8 05 2016

This a new Godzilla movie inbound it’s good to have a day to think of everyone’s favorite cuddly Kaiju.


Holding it in too long: Throwing up US politics

7 05 2016

I’m so tired of reading about US elections. Apart from the sheer bomabstic size of the nonsense it just wears me out how everyone plays their smoke and mirrors game, completly focused inwards, shouting loud about how its all just about the supreme court, unaware of their warships 50 miles of russian borders being in direct provacative games with military planes. Gigantic proxy wars devastating the middle east, their allied countries in europe all swept by a new highly aggresive fashist movements, Ukraine another proxy warzone but sure it’s all about your rightwing yokels and bathroom bills.
Clinton bot 2.0 is just another empty shell for the forces pushing for all this shit. No she’s not the reasonable choice people totaly need to get behind. The world is not just your fucking backyard.
Not that you shouldn’t have cleaned that up long ago.


Shin Godzilla

2 05 2016

As always after Hollywood fucks up a Godzilla movie Japan moves in to apologise to the big lizard (and you would too, after all he makes this THING look small) with a movie of their own. And while this trailer already includes just about as much actual Godzilla footage as the recent western release did ovet the whole movie they do seem to have taken some bad ideas on how much to focus on everything BUT the monster its all about.

Honestly I was hoping I could just go praise the silly shit out of it but like Godzilla 2000 this seems to be mostly needlessly dramatic and serious in an attempt to appease their giant rubber suit god. All those people talking while that music runs are absolutely funny though if you just imagine them all just saying “Godzilla” over and over because that’s actualy exactly how the dialogue in a lot of these things work.

Also what the fuck is up with his tail? I first thought it is a second monster he is fighting or something. Oh and appearantly he’s glowing. Maybe he will explode. It wouldn’t be the first time. Look its complicated. Godzilla has been around a long time and done a lot of weird shit.

That giant alligator would be more awesome with lasers

14 04 2016

But seriously that is the only thing that could do it. I mean look at the fucking thing. I mean the alligator he eats obviously isn’t exactly a baby either. Just how big is it? I don’t think I want to know.


It’s world autism awareness day

2 04 2016

Or so says an email from people wanting me to donate money to… I don’t know what actualy.

People claim too many kids are diagnosed with it just becuase they are hard to deal with. Now I don’t know about the US there it is considered a sickness that’s treated with pills but arround here its just dumb shit from dumb twits who don’t understand what science does. There are not too many kids diagnosed with it. You just didn’t do it in the past because you didn’t know how. Sorry if that shatters another happy little illusion about life.

Also if you’re out there don’t hope something like this will help. People will never get it, they’ll always think you could act normal if you just realy wanted to. So don’t let anyone know if you can avoid it. Especialy since this new utterly delightful trend of some rude assholes claiming they “have just a bit of autism”. They don’t. They’re just assholes. See above, there’s actual ways to diagnose this. Just like people don’t get to claim they are inventing too many cases they don’t get to make themselves one as a fashion choice.